Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Vision of a Constitutional America

Here is an Excerpt from a


"The FEDERAL CONSTITUTION is hanging by a thread.

Do you know enough about the FEDERAL CONSTITUTION to envision what America would be like if we followed it? Think on this:

After a transition period to restore it and ensure it is obeyed:

We would no longer be meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, causing hostilities to be directed at us. We would be neutral in our alliances; trading with all; conducting ourselves with honor and dignity.

There would be no undeclared wars abroad and no war on terror at home.

Our government would not bail out any private company or foreign Nation with public funds.

All unconstitutional debts would be null and void.

Gold and silver would be the standard for our currency. There would be no inflation.

We would have full employment.

We would all have the Right to keep and bear arms and each state would have a well-regulated, trained and disciplined militia.

There would be no direct, un-apportioned tax on an individual’s labor.

Our Rights to privacy would be honored.

Our immigration laws would be enforced.

We would never entertain the idea of a President with the potential of dual loyalties because his father was a citizen of a foreign country.

We would not enter into any contracts, treaties or alliances that would compromise the Sovereignty of America.

We would not permit our votes to be counted in secret which is what happens when machines count them.

Most importantly, the People would be able to hold the government accountable to the Constitution: Government officials would listen and respond to our First Amendment Petitions for Redress of Grievances regarding any violations of the Constitution before they could injure our Nation, our economy or our people.

Life as we know it now would surely be different."

Is this a VISION of AMERICA worth fighting for?

Join my campaign to live FREE and envision an AMERICA as the founders did!